Monday, December 8, 2008

How Smaller Law Firms Should Use Court Reporting Services

It’s one thing for big, hundred-attorney law firms to keep a court reporting firm on their speed dial and give them a ring any time they need a reporter to handle a deposition or court case. But smaller firms need to be a bit more judicious about how they spend their money – especially in this troubled economy.

The following represents some helpful tips on how smaller law firms can best utilize court reporting services and help their businesses run more smoothly as a result:

Document indexing.

Sorting and indexing documents can significantly tax your resources. Using a court reporting service to not only transcribe depositions but also index and organize them by key terms and phrases can really be a time/money saver.

Video and Audio Transcriptions.
Having a paralegal perform video and audio transcriptions can take them away from client projects where they can be billed out at a much higher rate. Use a court reporting service to supply people to turn the spoken word into written documentation.

Translation Services. It would be nice to expand your target client demographic by offering more bilingual services, but chances are you don’t have the resources to hire someone full time who speaks multiple languages. Why not bring in expert translators and interpreters on an as-needed basis to perform these duties? You will generate more revenue while not raising your overhead too significantly.

Overall, court reporting services offer smaller firm a chance to offer more services without having to hire full time employees. Like general temp services, court reporters are an efficient way to get just the jobs you need done – without staff sitting around and “eating money” for the rest of the year.

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