Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Legal Transcription and Court Reporting

Court reporters are very special people who are responsible for converting speeches, conversations and all legal proceedings into typed or written transcripts as these are very essential and important records that is required for communication. Transcription work done by the court reporters can fall into any of the following categories,
  • Real time court reporting
  • Steno machine/computer aided court reporting
  • Voice writing method
  • Transcription for the disabled (hearing impaired)
  • Deposition transcriptions at attorney offices (out of the court premise)
  • Transcription of meetings / conventions etc
In the steno machine method reporters have to press multiple keys so that a combination of letters is recorded. Each of these letters represents certain words or sound. These are later transcribed with the help of the computer.

The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) certify electronic court reporters. The different types of certifications include, Certified Electronic Court Reporter (CER), Certified Electronic Court Transcriber (CET), and Certified Electronic Court Reporter and Transcriber (CERT). What are the basic skills and requirements to become a good court reporter? Well here is a brief list of requirements to become a court reporter;
  • Active listening skill
  • High accuracy
  • Awareness of current happenings, events
  • High speed work
  • Be able to listen and speak simultaneously
  • Good spelling of names of places / people etc
  • Good legal terminology / vocabulary
  • Knowledge of appellate procedures
  • Good computer literacy
Besides legal transcription, quite often court reporters are also known to assist judges and lawyers with regards to the different court procedures and also in administration.
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