Monday, October 27, 2008

New Jersey Court Reporters use Digital Recordings for Backup

When a New Jersey Court Reporter sits down to perform a live transcription of a court proceeding, theres a lot of pressure. They have to get every word spot on and be ready to read back the dialogue they have transcribed on the spot if requested by the judge or counsel.
Luckily, court reporters need not be the last line of defense in terms of preserving everything that is spoken in court.

Many New Jersey court reporters now use FTR or For the Reporter, a CD-based system that allows them to create a digital master of the entire trial or hearing. Generally, these recordings are sealed and stored away in case of an appeal in the trial but they still form a nice back-up for those occasions when a judge or attorney wants to hear an immediate playback of what transpired in court after the fact and doesnt have time to read through a full transcript.

Court recordings of this nature are especially vital around the holidays, because many attorneys appeal their cases right before the end of the year. With a huge volume of cases coming up for appeal, the system helps court reporters and other transcription services avoid overload.
The recordings are an important part of the technology, but just another example of why there always needs to be a human court reporter present in order to guarantee proper transcription.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why being a New York Court Reporter is better than being a New York Attorney

Sure, it sounds like a joke, but just following our reasoning below and you’ll be reaching for the nearest transcription machine and getting your speed up to 240 words per minute.

Why it’s better to be a New York Court Reporter

Court Reporters have lower student loans. The cost of becoming a licensed and accredited New York Court Reporter is considerably lower than law school. The salary is good, and court reporter won’t spend half their lives giving half of it back to Sallie Mae!

There’s no stressful partnership track. In the dog-eat-dog Manhattan legal community, an attorney can get lost in the competition to make partner. Not so with the court reporting business. Men and women who excel at their craft are given great opportunities to grow their careers without billing 100 hours a week.

Better job security. Every year, the schools of America continue to graduate thousands of young attorneys. And when the economy gets bad, many will struggle to find a position that meets their financial needs. Currently, the opposite is true for New York court reporters. In fact, there aren’t nearly enough of them to go around, meaning that this is a career where demand far outstrips supply.

When was the last time you heard a “How many court reporters…” joke? Well, we haven’t heard one anyway. Enough said.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

How New York Court Reporters Stay Sharp

You’d be hard pressed to find court reporters anywhere in the United States who are more hard-wired into their local legal community that in New York. That’s because things happen FAST in Manhattan, and court reporters have to be ready for anything! Here’s a quick look at how they stay on top of their game.

1. Continued training and practice. New York court reporters are always looking to sharpen their skills and learn the latest techniques from within their industry. Many will take continuing education classes or just practice their typing speed at home to stay sharp.

2. Keeping their cell phone handy at all times. Sometimes attorneys need a court reporter on very short notice. Therefore, the ones who get the most work are those who maintain a flexible schedule and always keep their phones on.

3. Learning new languages. The demand for court reporters who speak multiple languages continues to grow in New York City and around the country. Reporters who become fluent in languages from Spanish to American Sign Language are looking at a steady stream of work in the years to come.

4. Maintaining a professional look. Finally, New York court reporters understand that there are certain expectations placed on them in terms of appearance. As such, they always stay cleanly groomed and keep at least three business suits at the ready in case of a lengthy trial.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a Florida Court Reporter Needs to Know

Florida is one of the most diverse legal communities in the United States. Every day a wide variety of cases – everything from drug trafficking to estate planning – pass through the court houses of Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa Bay and other major cities. But what about the Florida court reporter who provides the official record of all these proceedings? Is there anything special that they need to know in order to perform their jobs to the fullest?

Here’s a quick look at what every Florida court reporter needs to know.

* An understanding of a wide variety of cases. A Florida court reporter may be working on a deposition in a drug case one day and a court hearing for a contested will the next. Having a broad understanding of the different types of court cases will serve the reporter well.

* Be bilingual. Especially in Dade County, where there is a large Hispanic population, it is a good idea to know Spanish as a means for getting more court reporting work.

* How to be professional. Most importantly, those court reporters who appear on time and always handle themselves in a highly professional manner will get the most work, no matter what part of Florida they live in.

* To be ready on short notice. Many court reporting agencies offer their reporters out for hire on very short notice. That means Florida court reporters must be ready to put their “game face” on in a matter of just hours.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

How to get the most out of your court reporting agency

So you’ve got an upcoming court case or deposition and need a certified, top-flight court reporter to transcribe the event. Contacting a court reporting agency is the fastest, easiest way to get the professional help you need to handle the job.

The following are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of the court reporting agency you choose.

* Explain the specifics of the job. The easiest way to insure that you get the right person for the job from your court reporting agency is to explain, in detail, everything the job entails. This way, the court reporting agency can search all their available employees for the right reporter with the ideal background. Remember, the more specific you can be the better!

* Call in advance. While most court reporting agencies can send you someone on short notice, there may be a premium on the last-minute service, and the selection of court reporters will always be better the longer the lead time you give the agency.

* Ask for references. If you feel unsure about working with a court reporting agency for the first time, ask the company for professional references. Reputable agencies will have no problem providing you with this information.

* Provide accurate information. Make sure that the court reporting agency knows the exact address of where the meeting or hearing will take place, and the specific time it will begin. This will help the court reporter get there on time, and greatly reduce the chance that the proceedings will be held up because of a tardy reporter.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Court reporting agencies less impacted by the economic crisis

While few Americans (save the 1% of the population that is the wealthiest) will go unscathed through the current economic crisis, court reporters should breathe a little easier than most. The fact is that although times are tough, court reporting agencies remain busy. Why? Consider the following facts.

* People are still litigious. The residents of the United States continue to sue one another at a higher and higher rate each year – regardless of the economy. This represents steady work, and increased demand for court reporters.

* Court reporters can’t be laid off. If there’s a court case, you are going to need court reporters. If times are tough, a law firm may cut back on the donuts and coffee, but they will always need someone to provide a transcribed, official record of events.

* Demand for court reporters still far outstrips the supply. Even if there were a slowdown in the legal field, there are still barely enough court reporters to go around, making the industry recession-proof for at least the foreseeable future.

The economic downturn doesn’t benefit anyone in America – but that doesn’t mean some people won’t make it through better than others. Put court reporters on the favorable side of that coin.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Five things a court reporter can do better than you

We all look at certain jobs and sniff, “heck, I could do that!” But when you consider everything a court reporter is able to accomplish while on the job, you may have to rethink that position of superiority.

To plead the case, here are five things a court reporter can do better than you!

#1 They type faster - Sure, it may be on those strange looking steno machines, but qualified court reporters can still torch the competition by reaching speeds of over 200 words per minute. Try topping that on your next company-wide memo.

#2 They’re more accurate – Not only do court reporters reach blazing speeds, they do it while rarely making mistakes. We hit the backspace button approximately 145 times while writing this blog entry. A court reporter would have pulled it off flawlessly on the first pass.

#3 They focus better – You can’t type a one page thank you letter without checking your email and updating your Facebook status twice. Court reporters know that they have a job to do and never let any distraction in the court room or the deposition room distract them from that task.

#4 They dress better than you – Court reporters always look sharp. Appearing in front of judges and high-powered attorneys all day, it’s an absolute must! Have you checked to see if your shoes match your belt today?

#5 They worry less about their job security – Court reporters are in demand. A slowdown in the number of people attending court reporting school (coupled with the rise in court cases) has made this a fantastic time to become a court reporter. Court reporters enjoy flexible working hours and lucrative salaries.

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