Thursday, July 3, 2008

COCRA Message to Members and Friends

Iowa Court Reporters Association Convention

NY Torture Victim Faces Alleged Attacker

PlusNY Torture Victim Faces Alleged AttackerNY Torture Victim Faces Alleged AttackerThe Associated PressA Columbia University graduate student who was raped and tortured during 19 hours of nightmares.

Dozer Boy Escapes Death Sentence

Neocon Gingrich Fearmongers Nuked City in Order to Bust Due

Marsha Mills Appeal Hearing

George W. Bush Blames Torture Policy on U.S. Troops

Bush's Supreme (Court) Hypocrisy: "Slander[ing] America"

Fox on Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Supreme Court Petition

Federal Judge rules Patriot Act... Un-Constitutional!

The Iowa Court Reporters Association Hypnotist

Governor O'Malley swears in Sally D. Adkins

the "malicious troll" videos that inmendham DMCAed

Anwar Ibrahim - Foreign Correspondent

Anthony Lewis Speaks about Free Speech

Jillen Stelding explains court reporting

TV Reporter talks to a lesbian

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