Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bill Gates Rain Man Deposition

The Office-Best Scenes-The Deposition

The Dolan Law Firm of San Francisco - What is Discovery?

In this video, our Northern California lawyer, Christopher Dolan, explains the definition of discovery; which involves two processes: written and deposition. Written discovery is where you need to prepare all the documents related to your case. Deposition discovery is when you sit down with the court reporter.

fbi agent acused of corruption

NCRA 100 Presidents

Part of the opening montage at the 2007 NCRA Annual Convention honoring the 100 Presidents the organization has had.

New York Court Reporting

Court reporter net is the premiere New York Court Reporting ageny. They offer the highest level of court reporting available in the USA and around the world. Court reporter net has offices in NY and all around the world. Visit them today and see what court reporter net can offer you!

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