Monday, September 10, 2007

Govt. Witnesses Vandalize to get Evidence

During a break, in another malicious prosecution, by the Govt of Ontario's loved and respected lead Crown Attorneys , Adam Zegouras and his boss Lee Burgess, their star witness having been caught in many lies does his best to manufacture evidence for the Govt Of Ontario during a break. This is totally legal, we must conclude, because while here is clear proof of vandalism and harassment, a violation for a court order to have no contact with myself (you can't see me but I'm working on the side of my former home) crown witness Mr. Tim Young was not held accountable. He did not even have to stand trial. The biggest thing this video shows, is perjury by Mr. Young's wife, she lied in court claiming she new nothing about the months of criminal harassment, vandalism, assaults and Moore. The Learned Judge Stephen, said he found Mrs. Young to be creditable. Mrs. Young was in the family van once, when Mr. Young ran into a fence post, she was laughing. However I can't prove that at this time, but it did happen. You can see much more about how our courts work over here

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