Monday, September 10, 2007

Second Hand Smoke on Trial

This clip from the new unreleased feature film "The Pack" directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett, where addiction, love and murder are burning issues.

"The Pack" is the riveting tale of how second-hand smoke destroys a family and divides a nation. "The Pack" has its finger on the pulse of the America and where people stand regarding this major social issue plaguing our country.

Times change and any of us can get caught in the cultural shift of our nation. "The Pack" asks the searing question: "What if your behavior was legally accepted for dozens of years and all of a sudden it came into question?"

Written by Alyssa & Gary O. Bennett of Electric Movies & Jamaad Productions the film stars
Lucie Arnaz
Molly Culver
Tibor Feldman
Adam Ferrara
Dan Frazier
Zach Galligan
Ryan Homchick
David Laundra
Carlos Leon
Angie Martinez
Elisabeth Moss
Roger Robinson

"The Pack" is a powerful dramatic story about second-hand smoke and personal responsibility inspired by real life stories and documented cases where secondhand smoke is believed to be the cause of a loved ones death.

In "The Pack", an ambitious Assistant District Attorney (Carlos Leon) prosecutes a wife and mother (Lucie Arnaz) on three counts of murder after her forty-seven year old husband (Scott Bryce) dies of lung cancer from breathing her second-hand smoke for thirty years. In a wrenching twist, it turns out that the Assistant DA is acting at the request of the couple's twenty-year-old son (Ryan Homchick) who is mourning the loss of his father. At first, the jury (played by an amazing and notable ensemble cast: Fiona Choi, Jim Coope, Molly Culver, Adam Ferrara, Dan Frazer, Suzanne Froix, Zach Galligan, Brooks Hornsby, Angie Martinez, Jennifer McCabe, Charlie Moss & Roger Robinson) struggles with what appears to be a ridiculous case, but as one juror delves deeper into the facts, the jury finds itself drawn into an intriguing, emotional and complicated choice regarding addiction, awareness and individual responsibility. Tibor Feldman, Peter Francis James, David Laundra, Carlos Leon, William C. Mitchell, Elisabeth Moss, Angela Pietropinto and Rick Washburn round out the ensemble cast.

"The Pack" brings to the forefront the complexities and anguish surrounding this vital social issue. Grounded in legal reality, the films deals with the heart wrenching issues surrounding love, loyalty, and personal accountability.

"The Pack" evolved over several years with the film's writers honing the screenplay with the input of many prominent actors including Paul Sorvino (a script consultant), Lucy Arnaz, Joe Jackson and James Earl Jones.

Alyssa Rallo Bennett (Sonnets in the City, The Weather Report, Dance for Me Velma, Jack & Jill, and Juden Rift -- 2004 Fade In Screen Play Award) creates The Pack's cinematically beautiful texture by weaving flash backs, home style movies and courtroom sequences together using both 35 mm and digital cinematography.

"The Pack", co-produced by Ms. Bennett and Josselyne Herman-Saccio (Anne B. Real, Tollbooth, A&E's Biography, They're Just My Friends, Madness Is Catching), is now about to enter the festival circuit.

A two-minute trailer, additional clips from the movie, cast info, and production stills can be seen by visiting

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