Monday, September 8, 2008

Things you might not know that a court reporters can transcribe

While everyone who has ever watched television knows that court reporters can transcribe what is being said during a courtroom trial, fewer people know about all the other functions that these valuable, skilled individuals can handle with ease.

Did you know that court reporters can transcribe the following?

· Depositions - The lion’s share of the court reporter’s time will be spent recording these testimonies of individuals who cannot appear in court or will need to have their in-court statements corroborated at a later date.

· Arbitration hearings – Two parties engaged in arbitration are going to want a complete written record of everything that was said as the two sides reached their agreement.

· Sales meetings - Companies often need to record the words used to “fire up the troops” for future sales meetings, or as an education tool for the next generation of salespeople

· Corporate events and functions –Annual stockholder meetings and company-wide get-togethers both can benefit from having a court reporter present.

· Closed-captioning – One of the fastest growing areas for court reporters. Television shows, live productions and other media all need fast transcribers to bring the message to the hearing-impaired as soon as it is spoken.

· Webinars – A court reporter in Omaha, Nebraska can transcribe a meeting in Los Angeles and New York if that corporate gathering is held online. Just like traditional meetings, the reporter records everything that is being said, and provides a comprehensive written documentation of the proceedings, via email, to all appropriate parties.

· Public gatherings – A court reporter can be used to transcribe anything from town hall meetings to church services.

With so many valuable uses for court reporters, your business needs to work with a top court reporting service in your area. Services like the ones found at can help you locate an outstanding reporter – even on short notice.


sfberglund said...

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Mark Reitz said...

We are providing the the court reporting services in miami, Florida and found your blog to be informative

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