Monday, March 9, 2009

How To Prepare Your Witness for Video Depositions

With technology becoming more prevalent in today's court systems it's vital that lawyers change their strategy when preparing a witness for a video deposition.

When preparing make sure that your witness understands that in some states a video deposition can be used as an alternative of live testimony; as a result, you need to prepare him or her as if they were in front of a jury. One of the most imperative tips is to educate your witness to dispose of any distracting behaviors such as throat clearing, fidgeting, hair twirling, nail biting, tapping, etc. Why? It’s important because each unnecessary action is exaggerated on camera; especially when the ability to rewind, slowdown and fast forward will be used to make decisions. Making sure your witness remains composed at all times is imperative for a realistic testimony.

Other guidelines include practicing on camera so you can point out the good and bad to your witness, make sure your witness answers the questions instantaneously without pausing and that they are clothed conservatively.

Once your witness is prepped it's time to make certain that your video deposition goes smoothly. You can do this by choosing a reputable court reporting agency to provide your videographer. At we make sure that the background is simple by encouraging lawyers to choose a plain wall, drapery, or a bookshelf for a background so that the view is not distracting. Our professional videographers also make sure that lighting is ideal and that there are no shadows that could distract from the witness. We also plan ahead for technical issues by having separate microphones for the attorney and the deponent as well as monitoring all audio and video content to ensure the best deposition possible.

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