Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Great Books for Effective Depositions

Effective depositions are a very important part of a lawyer’s career. Even though a great court reporting agency is an important part of a successful depositions there are many other factors including:
  • Deposition Scheduling
  • Deposition Timing
  • Witness Attendance
  • Document Accountability
  • Testimony Preservation
  • Following laws and rules
  • And much more..

Here are a two great books to help lawyers get ready for a great deposition:

Nolo's Deposition Handbook

"Court cases are never as quick and tidy as television dramas would have us believe. In fact, most civil disputes are settled long before a judge has a chance to pound a gavel. That's why pretrial fact-finding procedures such as depositions play an increasingly important role in legal quarrels. In fact, it's not uncommon for a deposition to be the only testimony given. All of this explains why Nolo's Deposition Handbook can be such a useful resource"

The Effective Deposition

"NITA programs and law schools nationwide have used the first and second editions of The Effective Deposition so that attorneys and soon to be attorneys have all the essential know-how in taking a deposition the most critical step in discovery. Now in a revised third edition, the authors apply their expertise as attorneys and educators to bring the reader critical information on new rules, information on the impact of technological developments including e-discovery and digital transcription, along with new deposition techniques."

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Rosalie Kramm said...

The NITO book, I believe, would be particularly helpful to attorneys and paralegals when learning the ins and outs of e-discovery. With the nuances of social media, including Twitter, being a part of the e-discovery, lawyers need to be aware where to look for evidence.

Court reporter said...

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court reporting agency said...

WOW! Great! I appreciate it, I hope you can share more of your books and compilations soon. I know that I will learn something about these books. I hope you can share more. Thanks.

court reporting firm said...

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Mark Riets said...
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Mark Riets said...

We are the Palm Beach located court reporters, and have the read the books, found them really informative

International Realtime said...

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