Thursday, January 15, 2009

Court reporter and lawyer relationships are key to litigation success

The relationship between a lawyer and a court reporter is the key to success in the litigation field for both parties. According to Wayne Cohen, who wrote on the subject in the July-August 2006 Journal For Reporting and Captioning Profession:

"Many more seasoned attorneys still haven't the slightest clue what court reporters actually do. We don't understand how court reporting equipment or software works. We have no idea how court reporters use the key strokes or how the transcripts go from the court reporter's computer to production."

That's why at we train our court reporters to take that extra step to ensure that clients are happy and comfortable with our court reporters. In order to make that happen, we encourage our court reporters to follow a few guidelines:

1. Always put your best foot forward by arriving to everything on time or early, especially depositions.

2. Try to have conversations on topics other than work every now and then.

3. Be prepared to listen to what everyone is talking about. Asking "How was your day?"or "Did you enjoy lunch?" can go a long way.

4. Also, smiling and being cheerful can help a court reporter stand out from the crowd. Litigation is a very serious matter, but lightening the mood a little can help put everyone at ease before and after a case.

5. Having a great attitude is self explanatory, never has anyone wanted to be around someone who never smiles and always has something wrong.

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Great article! This is not only applicable to lawyers and court reporting agencies but to everybody as well. This is another tool in winning a case.

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