Monday, January 12, 2009

What To Look For In A Court Reporter

Everyday hundreds of legal professionals hire court reporter firms without understanding exactly what they are looking for. A good court reporter is hard to find that’s why it's important to understand what a quality court reporter is. A quality court reporter should be:

Outside distractions, interest in the story line, even day to day thoughts can stop a court reporter from hearing proceedings and recording them precisely. An attentive court reporter is ideal because they concentrate on every detail of the legal proceeding without falling prey to inaccurate court reporting.

How many times has a great employee fell short because of un-organization? We've heard the story many times in today's courtrooms and unfortunately, a bad court reporter can fall into this category. Organization is key in order for a court reporter to use a stenotype machine, file documents, organize workspaces, and keep careful record of legal proceedings. Without these characteristics legal issues will turn up.

From the long hours, to mounds of paper work, canceled proceedings, and moved meetings; flexibility is a key attribute every court reporter should have. This comes into play especially when proceedings continue past the scheduled time.

An established court reporter is a mature court reporter. He or she has experience on the job and knows the importance and severity of her role in today's legal proceedings. Even when the subject matter may past a "normal" level, court reporters should not only keep their bearings but also behave in the most professional way possible.

Lastly, and most importantly, court reporters should be punctual because in this business nothing can be overlooked or missed when it comes to people's lives. It's such an important characteristic because courtrooms will refuse to start or continue until the court reporter shows up.

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Leigha said...

I would agree that being punctual is one of the most important things to look for in a court reporter. Also, a professional attitude and appearance are important to making a good impression.

Mark Ritz said...

I completely agree with what you have to say. A court reporter must have these qualities. Really helpful.
Even we have such Court reporters in Florida

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