Friday, January 30, 2009

What Your Court Reporter Should Be Doing After The Deposition

After the deposition is over, lawyers seem to face their biggest problem when dealing with court reporters. You don't follow up on lots of little details that every court reporter should participate in after the deposition.

The end of the deposition does not mean the end of a court reporters job. There are plenty of tasks that should be completed in a timely matter.

Review and Edit
After the deposition a court reporter should download all the information gathered during the deposition on to a computer and get to editing. Just because your court reporter types everything during the deposition, doesn't mean an instant final copy is ready. Court reporters should go back through audio tapes and fill in any gaps missing in the transcript; then someone should look over the first draft by proofreading and making any corrections.

Final Draft and Formatting
Next, the proofreader should send all the corrections back to the court reporter to prepare for the final draft. The final draft should not only be free of grammatical errors and misspellings, it should also be formatted with page numbers, indexes, and a condensed transcript for quick reading.

Next, the court reporter sends the transcript to you, but before that the court reporter should have made a copy of the transcript and exhibits and filed it appropriately. Additionally, you should receive two copies; one original in the mail and one electronic copy.

The Court Copy
Lastly, after you have looked over the entire document and are satisfied, you sign it and send the original back to the court reporter to be filed with the court.

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Great! These are all the things that a court reporter should do. I appreciate you sharing this matter and I hope that every lawyer can read this as well as the court reporting agencies out there who aims to develop and make professional court reporters.

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