Friday, October 3, 2008

Five things a court reporter can do better than you

We all look at certain jobs and sniff, “heck, I could do that!” But when you consider everything a court reporter is able to accomplish while on the job, you may have to rethink that position of superiority.

To plead the case, here are five things a court reporter can do better than you!

#1 They type faster - Sure, it may be on those strange looking steno machines, but qualified court reporters can still torch the competition by reaching speeds of over 200 words per minute. Try topping that on your next company-wide memo.

#2 They’re more accurate – Not only do court reporters reach blazing speeds, they do it while rarely making mistakes. We hit the backspace button approximately 145 times while writing this blog entry. A court reporter would have pulled it off flawlessly on the first pass.

#3 They focus better – You can’t type a one page thank you letter without checking your email and updating your Facebook status twice. Court reporters know that they have a job to do and never let any distraction in the court room or the deposition room distract them from that task.

#4 They dress better than you – Court reporters always look sharp. Appearing in front of judges and high-powered attorneys all day, it’s an absolute must! Have you checked to see if your shoes match your belt today?

#5 They worry less about their job security – Court reporters are in demand. A slowdown in the number of people attending court reporting school (coupled with the rise in court cases) has made this a fantastic time to become a court reporter. Court reporters enjoy flexible working hours and lucrative salaries.

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