Monday, October 20, 2008

How New York Court Reporters Stay Sharp

You’d be hard pressed to find court reporters anywhere in the United States who are more hard-wired into their local legal community that in New York. That’s because things happen FAST in Manhattan, and court reporters have to be ready for anything! Here’s a quick look at how they stay on top of their game.

1. Continued training and practice. New York court reporters are always looking to sharpen their skills and learn the latest techniques from within their industry. Many will take continuing education classes or just practice their typing speed at home to stay sharp.

2. Keeping their cell phone handy at all times. Sometimes attorneys need a court reporter on very short notice. Therefore, the ones who get the most work are those who maintain a flexible schedule and always keep their phones on.

3. Learning new languages. The demand for court reporters who speak multiple languages continues to grow in New York City and around the country. Reporters who become fluent in languages from Spanish to American Sign Language are looking at a steady stream of work in the years to come.

4. Maintaining a professional look. Finally, New York court reporters understand that there are certain expectations placed on them in terms of appearance. As such, they always stay cleanly groomed and keep at least three business suits at the ready in case of a lengthy trial.

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