Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Court reporting agencies less impacted by the economic crisis

While few Americans (save the 1% of the population that is the wealthiest) will go unscathed through the current economic crisis, court reporters should breathe a little easier than most. The fact is that although times are tough, court reporting agencies remain busy. Why? Consider the following facts.

* People are still litigious. The residents of the United States continue to sue one another at a higher and higher rate each year – regardless of the economy. This represents steady work, and increased demand for court reporters.

* Court reporters can’t be laid off. If there’s a court case, you are going to need court reporters. If times are tough, a law firm may cut back on the donuts and coffee, but they will always need someone to provide a transcribed, official record of events.

* Demand for court reporters still far outstrips the supply. Even if there were a slowdown in the legal field, there are still barely enough court reporters to go around, making the industry recession-proof for at least the foreseeable future.

The economic downturn doesn’t benefit anyone in America – but that doesn’t mean some people won’t make it through better than others. Put court reporters on the favorable side of that coin.

With outstanding court reports in greater demand, it is more important ever to work with a top court reporting service. Services like the ones found at can help you locate an outstanding reporter – even on short notice.

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