Monday, October 27, 2008

New Jersey Court Reporters use Digital Recordings for Backup

When a New Jersey Court Reporter sits down to perform a live transcription of a court proceeding, theres a lot of pressure. They have to get every word spot on and be ready to read back the dialogue they have transcribed on the spot if requested by the judge or counsel.
Luckily, court reporters need not be the last line of defense in terms of preserving everything that is spoken in court.

Many New Jersey court reporters now use FTR or For the Reporter, a CD-based system that allows them to create a digital master of the entire trial or hearing. Generally, these recordings are sealed and stored away in case of an appeal in the trial but they still form a nice back-up for those occasions when a judge or attorney wants to hear an immediate playback of what transpired in court after the fact and doesnt have time to read through a full transcript.

Court recordings of this nature are especially vital around the holidays, because many attorneys appeal their cases right before the end of the year. With a huge volume of cases coming up for appeal, the system helps court reporters and other transcription services avoid overload.
The recordings are an important part of the technology, but just another example of why there always needs to be a human court reporter present in order to guarantee proper transcription.

With outstanding New Jersey court reporters in greater demand, it is more important ever to work with a top court reporting service. Services like the ones found at can help you locate an outstanding reporter even on short notice.


Rosalie Kramm said...

It is good to read that New Jersey has court reporters who are backing up. I believe every court reporter across the United States in every state need to be backing up. There are many options out there, including SugarSync. Reporters, please back up.

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