Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a Florida Court Reporter Needs to Know

Florida is one of the most diverse legal communities in the United States. Every day a wide variety of cases – everything from drug trafficking to estate planning – pass through the court houses of Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa Bay and other major cities. But what about the Florida court reporter who provides the official record of all these proceedings? Is there anything special that they need to know in order to perform their jobs to the fullest?

Here’s a quick look at what every Florida court reporter needs to know.

* An understanding of a wide variety of cases. A Florida court reporter may be working on a deposition in a drug case one day and a court hearing for a contested will the next. Having a broad understanding of the different types of court cases will serve the reporter well.

* Be bilingual. Especially in Dade County, where there is a large Hispanic population, it is a good idea to know Spanish as a means for getting more court reporting work.

* How to be professional. Most importantly, those court reporters who appear on time and always handle themselves in a highly professional manner will get the most work, no matter what part of Florida they live in.

* To be ready on short notice. Many court reporting agencies offer their reporters out for hire on very short notice. That means Florida court reporters must be ready to put their “game face” on in a matter of just hours.

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI...all proceedings in FL are taken in English. If there is a non-English speaking witness, there will be an interpreter present at the proceeding to translate to English. Steno machines are set up for the English language. No depositions or any other court proceedings are done in Spanish or any other language. Being bilingual is nice, but is not going to get you more work as a court reporter.

Mark Riets said...
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Mark Reitz said...

Yes, the court reporting services in miami, Florida must be capable enough to cope with the latest and the newest technologies, so that they can record the minutest of information about the witness' testimony.

Mark Riets said...

We are the Palm Beach located court reporters, and know how much it takes to be up-to-date as per the technology, but one should be capable enough.

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