Monday, February 16, 2009

Digital Depositions: Getting the most out of your court reporter

Should you use digital recordings during depositions and proceedings? Even though some professionals object to the use digital technology during depositions, there are many benefits.
Some court reporters, who have worked for years in the industry, still can mishear what is said. Video can help you back up a transcript and can help the court reporter create an accurate transcript of proceedings.

Another great way video can help is the problem of multiple people speaking at the same times. Sometimes, this can be hard to transcribe and video can help you, as the lawyer, as well as the court reporter accurately record each speaker’s word to ensure the transcript is perfect.
Lastly, being able hear how something was said is invaluable. Just saying the words, "I don't think so" in different tones can have plenty of different meanings.

There are many benefits to using digital technology during your next deposition, however there one set back that you should become aware of. Just because digital technology is used doesn't mean that a court reporter isn't needed especially when someone is gesturing and the video couldn't get to them in enough time.

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court reporting agency said...

Yes, there are pros and cons for this. But I would just like to say that these court reporters studied almost how many years to practice and be able to achieve their goal in a court reporting agency. Maybe we can try getting both tape recorders and these court reports. So we have double assurance of the things that has been said and done in the court.

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