Friday, February 13, 2009

Lawyer, court reporter and interpreter collaborations

You all ready have the deposition planned and scheduled, you already understand that a key witness speaks a foreign language, and you already know that you'll need a court reporter. However, your main concern as a lawyer is to make sure that the court reporter and interpreter work hand in hand and the transcription is perfectly executed.

In order to ensure a seamless collaboration between both parties…communication is imperative. Make sure that your court reporting service has qualified court reporter that have been trained to approach the interpreter about providing names of people and places in the foreign languages so that it can be put into place during the transcription process.

Tell your interpreter to tell the witness not to gesture or nod or say words liek "uh huh". This way your court reporter will have a clear record. Also, make sure your interpreter sits between your court reporter and your witness. Lastly, swearing in the interpreter first and then the witness with the interpreter helps in the long run.

Your court reporter should already know what to expect when faced with an interpreter. He or she has the option of requesting that the interpreter use equipment to speed up the interpretation process.

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court reporting agency said...

Well, they are the most important persons in a hearing. They are the ones who will help to solve a case. They should be helping each other always and I am glad that there are news that lawyers wants to work with a court reporter rather than a tape recording system. Nobody in the court reporting agency field wants to work with a tape recorder.

Jake Alexander said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very informative and well written. Court reporters play a vital role in the legal system. Recording everything that is said in court is so important for the integrity of the court. I went to school for court reporting services in FL and absolutely love it. Every day is a different adventure and you see some very interesting things.

Mark Ritz said...

Very interesting article and case. Citizen's right has been called into question more and more as technology is developed. Thanks for posting; it gives some great insight into this case.

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