Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Highly Technical Depositions and Your Court Reporter

One of the most difficult lawyer and court reporter jobs is when a deposition is highly "technical" meaning an expert witness or lawyer has to say medical terms (or similar words) repeatedly throughout the deposition. Even though a number of court reporters have been trained to handle technical words, even a seasoned veteran can get things wrong. This can definitely be an issue if actions aren't taken immediately to correct the problem.

From the lawyers point of view, if the transcript is already completed and you notice errors in the way your deposition questions or witness answers are transcribed it's important to send a letter to the opposing counsel immediately to consent to having the court reporter to fix the errors. The opposing counsel should agree, because if not most likely a case would be made to start the entire deposition over and that can be a waste of money.

However, this can be avoided if both court reporters and lawyers make an effort to ensure that highly technical words are taken down effectively. As a lawyer, after deposing a doctor or a similar profession, go over the technical jargon with the court reporter to make sure he or she understood. Another great tip is to give your court reporter a dictionary with the medical words to use when creating the final transcription copy.

As far as court reporters, we try to ensure that our court reporters get it right the first time by encouraging them to flag all spellings of technical words that may have been misheard and then go up to the lawyer and doctor to review the words and get the correct spelling. Anther tip for counsel is to have exhibits that have the details written down or in chart form to help court reporters get the right words the first time.

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