Monday, February 23, 2009

Lawyer Transcript Options: ASCII versus E-Transcript

When it comes to receiving your deposition transcript at the end of a deposition, there are a number of formats that you can receive your transcript in. Hopefully you are aware that court reporting services can electronically send your transcript.

If your court reporting agency is up to date in technology they should be able to tell what is the best option for your transcript to be sent electronically based on your budget as well as your needs. Today, electronically sending transcripts have become a lot easier. Until recently, court reporting agencies had to create an ASCII file of the transcript and then send it through email.
Unfortunately with the ASCII conversions page and line integrity will be loss, 3rd party programs are used for functionality, no password protection is incorporated, it is open to attacks when sent through email, there was no encryptions, and the file could only be opened as a read-only file .

Fortunately, today there are newer ways to send a transcript electronically; it’s called an e-transcript. The major benefits of using an e-transcript include having a standard format, keeping line and page integrity, incorporating encryption and password protection, instant search, hyperlinked word indexes, and the ability search, open, and print using the same software.

It's important to be fully informed on the services your court reporting services offer so that you can save money and conduct better depositions. It will pay off in the long run!

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Rosalie Kramm said...

The eTran is a nice produce. I believe the pdf transcript will eclipse the eTran. The eTrae n needs a special viewer to be downloaded on an attorney's computer. The pdf is already an industry standard and what many courts accept as the standard.

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