Thursday, February 5, 2009

What to expect from a court reporting service

When choosing a court reporter service for your next deposition, remember that dependability, experience, and quality do matter. Your court reporting service should have well trained court reporters and staff that are available to answer any question are served any need you may have.
So what can you expect when you hire a hire a four court reporting service?

Well the first thing that you should expect is instant, expedited, and fast transcript delivery after a deposition. Immediately after a deposition, your court reporter should give the transcript back to you in a record amount of time. It should be accurate, it should be free of errors, and it should take less than 24 hours.

The second thing you should expect from the court reporting service is the availability of nationwide conference rooms. These allow you to be able to meet in a professional, quiet, and organized setting.

The third thing you should expect from the court reporting service is the ability to receive a transcript in many formats. These formats should include electronic delivery, as well as traditional mail delivery of the original transcript. In this technologically advanced age, electronic delivery of transcripts is not only convenient but a necessity. Other technologies offered should include real-time Internet feeds, Internet scheduling, and LiveNote.

The fourth thing you should expect from your court reporting service is a storage area for your transcripts. If something happens after a deposition, to your files, or to your office, you should have the ability to call your court reporter and retrieve your transcript. This service should be standard in all court reporting agencies.

These four things are very important when looking for a court reporting service. Other services include, but are not limited to, mini or condensed transcripts, keyword indexing, daily video grapher, toll free telephone support, and video and audio transcription.

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